300L Rectangular Pulsating Vacuum Autoclave

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300L Rectangular Pulsating Vacuum Autoclave

  • Details

Pulsing Vacuum Pressure Steam Autoclave
(300 L, with Rectangular Sterilization Chamber)


  • Product introductio


This pulsing vacuum pressure steam autoclave is designed for the sterilization of thermoduric instrument, textile, latex, rubber and glasses. For culture medium and liquid, operator can choose the gravity exhaust mode. It is widely applicable for the hospital, research lab, agricultural tissue culture factory and food factory.

  • Main performance

    • Chamber Capacity:     300 L, with the width of 550 mm, length of 920 mm and height of 600 mm.

    • External dimensions:     880 mm width, 1200 length and 1650 height.

    • Working Temperature:     121℃~138℃, with the resolution of 0.1℃ and the precision within ±1℃;

    • Working Pressure:     -0.97 MPa~0.25 MPa (relative pressure, the same below).

    • Pressure of steam source:     0.30 MPa~0.60 MPa.

    • Pressure of compressed air source:     0.40 MPa~0.60 MPa.

    • Working power:     12 kW.

    • Power requirements:     The required voltage is a.c. 208 V (60Hz). The power is three-phases supply and ground neutral.


    • Material: The main structure of product is constructed in high quality stainless steel. Thereinto, the jacket vessel and sealing flange are made of AISI304, the inner chamber, sliding door and stainless steel rack are made of AISI316L. All the materials and parts are traceable in quality system.

    • Double-chamber design: The sterilizer adopts the double-chamber design, including horizontal rectangular inner chamber and jacket vessel.

    • Sliding airtight door: The innovative automatic vertically sliding door is adopted, leading to easier operation, less occupied space and lower noise. The door is airtight closing by compressed air. For this series, both single-door and double-door (font and rear) models are provided.

    • Steam generator: The built-in electric steam generator constructed in AISI304 can provide more than 200 L saturated steam per minute. Additionally, external steam source is also adopted as required.

    • Pulsing vacuum pump: The integrated vacuum pump would carry out thrice pulsing vacuum operation in a sterilization cycle as default, which can be modified as needed. Employing a water ring vacuum pump, the pressure in sterilization chamber can reach -0.097 MPa. Prior to the vacuum pump, the exhausting vapour would condense by means of a heat exchanger.

    • Water feeding system: The capacity of water tank meets the water requirement at least two sterilization cycles, and the automatic pump would feed enough water in time. A drainage valve handle is equipped, to manually drain the water from the tank as needed.

    • Display screen: 7’ LCD touch screen displays the real-time information (including working temperature, pressure, operating time and the running status) and alarm messages during the sterilization cycle. After the cycle, the screen would remind the user by notify message box and sound.

    • Mechanical gage: The mechanical gage is also equipped on the panel board, to indicate the pressure and temperature in the inner chamber and jacket vessel.

    • Sensor: The temperature sensor and pressure sensor in equipped, which can be automatically calibrated by the self-calibration system.

    • Printer: All the sterilization data (including error message) can be output by the built-in stylus printer.

    • Air filter: HEPA filter is adopted, which can remove 99.97% of particles greater than 0.3 μm.

    • Matching trolley: For the convenience to load the sterilized articles, a set of stainless steel matching trolley is provided.


  • Operation


    • Control System: Adopting the advanced Linux operating system, the performance is stable and the operation is simple.

    • Recorded data: All the sterilization data is fully recorded during the working process, which can be stored over 10 years.

    • Exhaust mode: The cold air of the inner chamber can be removed by pulsing vacuum or gravity according to operator required.

    • Sterilization programs: Six pre-established sterilization programs have been included:

              Sterilization program for medical instrument (134℃);

      •         Sterilization program for latex and rubber (121℃);

                Sterilization program for textile (134℃);

                Sterilization program for liquid (121℃, in gravity exhaust mode);

                Bowie-Dick test program;

                Leakage test program.

What is more, user can set up more customizing programs as needed.


  • Innovative features

    • Vacuum drying function: With vacuum pump and air ultrafilter, more than 99% moisture can be exhausted.

    • Thermal insulation effect: Adopting the creative heat-insulating technology, the surface temperature of sterilizer observably reduces significantly to less than 45℃ during the sterilization cycle.

    • Water-steam recycling: The built-in steam converter and recycling pump would fully recycle the condensation water in the jacket vessel, so as to save water.

    • Energy conservation: By means of the outstanding insulation effect and water-steam recycling, the sterilizer reduces energy consumption significantly, compared with the market products


  • Security system


    • Security password: The safety protection with three levels of security password guarantees the operating authority for start-up, modification of sterilization parameters and reprogramming of equipment parameter.

    • Self-diagnostic system: While fault occurs (such as lack of water, over-pressure, over-temperature, over-voltage or the fault of vacuum pump), the self-diagnostic system can detect it in time and the alarm device would start up. Meanwhile, the power would be cut off immediately to cancel the sterilization cycle.

    • Safety relief valve: As the pressure in the inner chamber or jacket is too high, the valve would open to exhaust the excess vapour in mandatory.

    • Emergency valve handle: To quickly exhaust the vapour in an emergency.

    • Interlocking function: The door could be opened only when the inner vapour pressure returned to atmosphere.