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Portable Autoclave

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Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Model: ST-20A/ST-20B


                        ST-20A (left) and ST-20B (right)

  1. Main performance

    1. Material: The main structure of product (including the tank, inner barrel, pipes and heater) is constructed in quality stainless steel (SS304).

    2. Volume of sterilizing tank: 20 L, with the inner diameter of 280 mm and height of 280 mm.

    3. Capacity of inner barrel: 12 L, with the inner diameter of 250 mm and height of 250 mm.

    4. External dimensions: Length 445 mm; Width 315 mm; Height 580 mm.

    5. Working temperature: 115℃~126℃, with the resolution of 0.1℃ and the precision within ±1℃;

    6. Working pressure: 0 MPa~0.15 MPa (relative pressure).

    7. Sterilization timing range: 1~30 minutes.

    8. Working power: 1.5 kW, at the voltage of a.c. 220 V (50 Hz).

    9. Net weight: 10 kg.

  1. Product features

    1. Control panel: There are two kinds of panel for portable sterilizer: ST-20A adopts the digital-display screen and ST-20B adopts LCD monitor. Both kinds are simply controlled via the buttons on the panel.

    2. Sterilization parameter: Three kinds of sterilization parameters has been preset, which can be easily set as required.

    3. Preheating function: With this function, users can save time by preheating the sterilized water while preparing to process the articles to be sterilized.

    4. Top cover: The top cover adopts a design with a rotary lock and a pressure interlock, for easy and safe operation. It could be opened only when the inner vapour pressure returned to atmosphere.

    5. Gravity exhaust: The outstanding sealing performance ensures no air leakage in the sterilization barrel. With the design of gravity exhaust, the sterilizing effect has been improved obviously.

    6. Drying function: This portable sterilizer also contains an innovative drying function. Using residual hot water in the tank as the heat source, the sterile articles could be fully dry in 10 minutes.

  1. Safety protection

    1. Alarm: When low water level, over temperature or other error occurs, the sterilizer would send a buzzer alarm and display the corresponding error code to guide the user to relevant processing.

    2. Relief safety valve: As the inner pressure is too high, the relief valve would open to exhaust the excess vapour in mandatory.