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Correct blood drawing order of vacuum blood collection vessel

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The blood collection order of vacuum blood vessel has different standards in every country. With the convenience and popularization of vacuum blood collection vessel, the blood collection of the former syringe is replaced gradually, but not everyone knows the right blood sampling sequence. The blood collection order, including the blood collection order provided by the blood vessel manufacturer, may not be correct. Guangzhou Zhi Zhi medical equipment automatically sort out some of the content, we look at it together.

According to the health industry standard WS/T225-2002 "clinical chemistry examination blood specimen collection and processing" stipulated:

If a blood sample should be taken several times, the following order blood sampling should be recommended:

A and blood culture tube;

B and no additive tube;

C, coagulation test tube;

D, tubes with additives (different additives tubes were collected according to the following order: 1, citrate tube; 2, heparin tube; 3, EDTA tube; 4, oxalate / fluoride tube).

Japanese standard:

1. blood samples were collected, blood samples were collected 2., blood was collected with 3. citric acid, 4. heparin was collected, 5.EDTA was taken 6., and blood was collected by glycolysis inhibitor

2003 United States (CLSI) standards

The first: blood culture tube second: blood coagulation tube third: Serum duct fourth: heparin tube fifth: EDTA sixth: glycolysis inhibitor

Here are a few principles to pay attention to:

1, should be sterile requirements priority, so blood culture blood collection should be the first mining. Because the blood culture samples collected strictly sterile, and pay attention to avoid the pollution of various external factors, and the vacuum vessel is not strictly sterile, if the blood collected by vacuum blood, there is a risk of contamination of the needle, and then collected blood culture specimens may be from pollution, thus affecting the blood culture results......

2, additives can not pollute without additives, so no additives red head pipe in front of other additives pipe.

3, additives should also be distinguished, additive ingredients to other tests, the influence of large row in the back, the order is not affect the back of the experiment, coagulation function testing requirements are higher, so blue head tube in front. Another reported that if the first tube for blood coagulation detection will affect the experiment report has little effect, this is the CLSI standard requirements change, one would say that the first discard useful second tube coagulation experiments, while said first tube can be used to do. So it's better to do the clotting experiment with second tubes.