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Matters needing attention in purchasing vacuum blood collection vessel

Author : HES Medical Time :

Due to the continuous improvement of domestic labor costs and the loss of staff turnover, many traditional production enterprises can not continue to survive, but for the vacuum vascular production enterprises, but also face such a problem. Therefore, the use of vacuum blood vessel production line to replace the traditional manual operation is the general trend, then how to purchase vacuum blood vessel production line is more suitable for the production of vascular manufacturers present situation?

1. Define the ultimate goal of vacuum vessel production line.

Some vascular manufacturers blindly purchase blood vessel production line, sometimes feel that the price is low, want to buy a set of blood vessel production line, in fact, this is a very unwise choice. Because the production status of each blood vessel manufacturer is different, if the blind investment may lead to the purchase of equipment returned to nowhere, while increasing the company's capital risk. Safety automation recommends the production line of customized blood vessel, how to choose the production line of blood vessel according to the output of production, or choose the equipment of producing blood vessel by single machine.

2, production process is necessary to put into production equipment of blood vessel

In the following process, we can use the vascular production equipment for operation, such as

(1) manual operation will lead to product quality instability or fail to meet customer requirements;

(2) the quantity of products is too much, the manpower operation is tedious, and the time consuming is long;

(3) the product is too big or too heavy, manual operation is difficult.

3, the production process requirements are suitable for automatic equipment

(1) whether the quality of upstream products is stable during the production of blood vessels, if the quality of products coming upstream is unstable, the quality of products processed by automatic equipment may not be as good as that of artificial ones;

(2) the complexity of operation: for some operations with higher complexity, the production line of blood vessel can not be completed, so manual operation must be done;

(3) whether automatic production equipment will increase other production costs, such as automatic feeding, etc., these costs should be taken into account.

4, how to meet the production needs of the blood vessel production line

(1) not blindly pursue high speed production equipment, but should meet the needs and ensure product quality as the first principle.

(2) in the case of complex production processes, single task equipment can be considered.