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Application of PRP blood vessel in PRP injection rhytidectomy

Author : HES Medical Time :

In recent years, cosmetic wrinkle products and domestic plastic and cosmetic hospitals are many, the injection of wrinkle prevalence period, whether it is between the stars or ordinary fashion people through PRP rhytidectomy technology. Injection rhytidectomy has become a trend, gradually replacing the surgical rhytidectomy, is also the most loyal female beauty project. So what is the PRP injection rhytidectomy? What are the characteristics?

Plastic surgery experts pointed out that the PRP injection wrinkle beauty is the use of PRP injection to human dermal tissue, activation after release large amounts of growth factors to promote fibroblast proliferation and differentiation, secretion and formation of elastic fibers to stimulate collagen, and promote fiber rearrangement, restore skin elasticity and toughness, and thus more effective to improve facial skin and facial muscles tense state. Not only has the eye and pouch, anti-aging effect, but also has a good effect on the black eye, large pores, rough skin, loose skin, dark yellow and dark hair.

PRP extraction technology is strict, need to be separated many times before to get a slightly pure PRP, but also easy to mix, easy to infection. It should be done in special operations or operation room. At present, our company can provide blood vessels specially used for PRP extraction. This product is highly safe, highly concentrated, easy to extract and inject. Generally, the injection can be carried out about 30 minutes after blood collection, without waiting, safe and reliable. And the injection of PrP method is equally scientific and rigorous.

Features of PRP injection rhytidectomy:

1, PRP injection rhytidectomy safe without pain.

2, PRP injection wrinkles to achieve a truly personalized production.

3, PRP injection rhytidectomy comprehensive role in the epidermis and dermis, treatment of both.

4, PRP injection of wrinkle effect is not immediately effective, usually after a month to see the effect. Three to five years after injection, the skin will continue to improve.

5, PRP injection wrinkles, the use of the skin's own strength to produce a large number of collagen and elastic fibers, no side effects on the human body.