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Evaluation of ABO and RhD blood typing card detection methods

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Vacuum blood vessel began to be used in some hospitals in China in the middle of 90s, and gradually popularized. It gradually replaced the way of blood collection by syringe, standardized blood sampling technology, improved the quality and speed of the sample. As a new way of clinical blood collection and detection, vacuum blood sampler is a revolution in traditional blood collection and storage methods.

It is no longer to use a syringe to draw blood, and then inject blood into the glass tube, but with blood needle, needle holding device, the extracted blood directly to the plastic vacuum blood vessel. Because the vacuum blood collection vessel preset a certain amount of negative pressure in the production process, so when the blood needle puncture into the blood vessel, the blood will automatically flow into the blood vessel. The advantage is that it reduces the process, convenient and quick, avoids the inaccuracy of the additive, and the insecurity of the blood overflow after the breakage of the glass tube.

Due to the low production threshold of vacuum blood vessel, the technical quality of product is uneven, the production equipment of high quality blood vessel is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

First, the inner wall of the test tube can be thoroughly treated with silicification, which effectively prevents the blood hanging wall phenomenon.

Two, the coagulant or heparin can be evenly atomized in the test tube specific area, to ensure that the additives in a short period of time with the blood full contact, greatly shorten the blood clotting time.

Three, using atomization instant drying technology, can atomization EDTA drying in a short time inside the test tube wall, avoid EDTA liquid evaporation after crystallization in the mouth of the test tube, cause blood coagulation phenomenon.

At present, most large and medium-sized city medium-sized hospitals have accepted the vacuum blood collection method, based on this situation, Guangzhou maizhi Medical Automation Equipment Co., the introduction of the world's top vacuum vessel production line technology, to create the domestic high-end market brand vacuum vessel.