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Selection of non-standard automatic processing equipment

Author : HES Medical Time :

The choice of non-standard automation equipment should be based on the size of the product batch and the number of variants of the product size to determine the structure of the processing system.

For small and medium batch products, the processing unit can be used to form or replace the multi axle box form; for mass production, automatic production line forms can be selected. After drawing up the processing flow, the type, size and quantity of the automatic machine tool can be determined according to the processing tasks (such as the requirement of the workpiece drawing for the production capacity in time).

For mass production of products, according to the requirements of processing, for each process design of special machine tools or modular machine tools. For many varieties of small batch production, according to the processing of parts of the size range, process, machining accuracy and material requirements, select the appropriate special machine tools, CNC machine tools and machining center; according to the production requirements (such as requirements, processing time and tool mass productivity requirements) to determine the degree of automation of non-standard automation equipment. The degree of automation such as automatic tool change, automatic workpiece and CNC equipment; according to the production cycle (such as the processing order and the transmission line), the material selection of automation system, now the material flow automation system form.

Non-standard automation equipment has a very wide range of applications in various industries, the quality of its design has an important impact on the development of industrial enterprises and even the national economy. Guangzhou maizhi medical automation equipment specialized in manufacturing various kinds of non-standard equipment, the main products include blood, blood type test card production line production line, pre charge plate production line, according to customer demand, to provide design, production automation equipment manufacturing high quality and efficiency.